Martin & Laura

We are a husband and wife architectural, social and commercial photographic team, based in Scotland.  We share a passion for crafting beautiful images that tell moving stories.

Martin shot his first wedding way back in 1994 and we have been shooting together for over 15 years.

In our early years in the UK, we focused mainly on portraiture & weddings, with Laura specialising in babies’ and children’s photography.  When we moved to Dubai, our attention shifted towards our own children, to architecture, and to models for fashion and commercial work.

We started to search for the ideal location for photography in 2009 and concluded that it was Mauritius.  Hence we moved to Blue Bay in August 2011.

In 2016, we moved back to the UK, to Scotland, to be closer to family, and to continue building on our photography and videography work.

Martin runs the carbon-free, lockdown compliant, online conferences company, andeye, and Laura writes the gardening blog, Fruit Flower Veg.

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